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Posted Wednesday, September 4, 2013 by Alejandro Mena    

Crew 713 Needs You!

This is the invitation that was designed by the amazing Dave Arnett. We hope that this invitation will draw several serious investors and donors to our cause.

Attend a unique fundraising event. Discover how you can help keep alive the legacy of the men who flew the WWII heavy bomber known as...

Learn how you can support the locally produced independent film...
A Private Event and the rare opportunity for a Personal Tour of "Diamond Lil" - one of only two B-24 Liberators still flying in the world today.
Walk through the aircraft these men flew and get your picture taken in the plane.
Filmmaker Alejandro Mena. His team includes Producer Fiona Hall and Animation Director Justin Hall, both of whom worked on the 2011 Academy AwardTM nominated film The Illusionist. These artists share a passion for these airmen, their history and this venerable Warbird.
Thursday, September 12, 2013
Addison Airport
Commemorative Air Force
B29/B24 Squadron Hangar
4730 George Haddaway Dr  Addison
1830 - 2030 hours (6:30 - 8:30 pm)
Tells the story of the O'Sullivan Crew 713, but it is the shared experiences of thousands of American bomber boys who flew the heavy bombers in World War II, a unique time in aviation and military history.
A screening of the Crew 713 promotional film trailer. Connect with the veterans who flew the harrowing missions over Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany.
E-mail us your RSVP to...

Grateful as always to...

  • The Commemorative Air
    Force B29/B24 Squadron
  • The Cavanaugh
    Flight Museum
  • The Arnett Institute
  • Dancing Fish Productions
  • Southern Star
    Brewing Company
  • At Once Party Rental
Hope to see you there!

Alejandro Mena
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