Austin P Byrne
Operations Officer
857th Bomb Squadron
492nd Bomb Group
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Brian P Byrne
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Crew 713
Animation still from the production of Crew 713

We believe that we have a documentary project that has a strong investor/donor potential. A financially viable project with a comparatively small budget for a good Return on Investment. We intend to pursue various revenue streams in order to accomplish our goal of making CREW 713 a reality. As a producing team, we have all invested much time, effort & personal finances into this film. As seasoned filmmakers, we know how to make this story appeal to a wide potential audience. It is the combination of a great forgotten tale from WWII, the excellent story telling skills of our production team and our enthusiasm which will drive this project to completion.

Sgt Nemesio Mena receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross from General Leon Johnston
Nose Art for B-24 Liberator 44-40050 "Super Wolf"

We believe strongly in the worthiness of our film project. CREW 713 is a story which will add to the historical record of the Bomber Air Wars which were fought over the skies of the WWII landscape. Equal parts historical, romantic and gritty, this film will illustrate the occupational hazards which were encountered and overcome by these American bomber boys over the dark skies of Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany.

Animation still from the production of Crew 713

We believe that the key to securing donations and sponsorship for our film project is through widespread media knowledge and publicity. The more we get the word out, especially through social media sites, the better chances we have of securing the necessary funding for our film.

If you are interested in becoming an angel donor, a sponsor or an investor in CREW 713, please send us an email in complete confidence via the message box below. We will return your inquiry within 24 hours. A complete investors package is available upon request.

Thank you for your interest.

Shanty Films LLC

The Shanty Films LLC Producing Team:
Fiona & Justin Hall and Alex Mena